Power maintenance was conducted today between 10AM and 6PM (HKT). Although the maintenace work was scheduled, we were not inform by our building management, which unfortunately rendered us ill-prepared for the works.

Our UPS continued to supply power to all servers for upto 1 hour. Unfortunatley, our generator, which is ordinarily serviced and tested in advance of scheduled maintenance work, had a fault in it's electric current sensor, causing it register an overload, and shut down. Unfortunately, as a result, power was not brought back until around 2PM (HKT). 

Several pieces of equipment and servers were adversely affected by outage, and the repeated power cylces attempted before resolving the current sensor problem. This resulted in several servers not booting properly when power was finally restored, such as that of our cloud platform, with its distributed storage.

As of 5PM, all servers should be restored and back online. However, if you are still experienceing problems with your service, please do not hestitate to contact us by opening a supporrt ticket, and we will look into your issue as quickly as possible,

Sunday, May 14, 2023

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