About Host Hong Kong NAT VPS

Host Hong Kong's ultra affordable VPS are intended for personal and casual use only. Our NAT based VPS offers no refunds, no guarantees, and no backups! We use mostly commodity grade hardware with no redundancy whatsoever. A hard drive failure will result in a loss of all data, so it is the responsibility of the user to ensure they have backups of all their own data. In the event of hardware failure, a new VPS would be created in place of the old one.

What do you mean by no SLA/Guarantees?

This means we provide no assurances for uptime or availability. We will do our best, within reason, to provide maximal uptime, and to provide a replacement server as quickly as possible in the event of a hardware fault. However, we would not accept any liability, financial or otherwise for any downtime of any duration.

If you require a minimum level of uptime or service guarantees, please do not purchase this VPS. Under no circumstances will you be offered a refund.

What is a NAT VPS?

NAT stands for Network Address Translation. This means you are allocated a private IP address (not publically accessible) and share a single public IP with a number of other users, much like you would expect when you share a home or office broadband. Your VPS will be accessible over the internet natively over IPv6, or via port forwarding for IPv4. A total of 21 ports from the SHARED IP are allocated to each NAT VPS. Dedicated IPv4 addresses are not available with the NAT VPS. If you need a dedicated IPv4 address, this plan is NOT for you! We do however include a native /64 IPv6 subnet.

What do you mean no refunds?

No refunds means no refunds. Under no circumstances do we consider offering a refund. We understand that some may consider this policy to be 'unreasonable'. However, it is necessary in order to maintain the service's viability. This is also reflected in the extremely low price. Please note, the mere handling of a refund would ultimately cost more to process than value of the service itself. As such, there are no exceptions to the no-refund policy. No refunds means no refunds. As with no SLA/Guarantee, if you consider this to be unacceptable, please do not order the service.

Is this for me?

Do you need guarantees and assurances that your VPS will be running 100% of the time? Do you need the performance to be blazing fast (or any minimum level of performance)? Do you expect to be able to get your money back if the service is down, or does not meet your expectations? Do you need help running and using your VPS? Do you consider a coffee at Starbucks to be too expensive? Do you find it difficult to communicate in English? Do you typically ignore reading terms of service information? Do you think a US$2 steak should taste as good as a US$100 steak?

If you answer yes to any of these, this service is NOT for you. Under no circumstances will you be offered a refund.

So who should buy this service?

Anyone looking for an ultra cheap VPS who knows what they are doing, doesn't need support, and willing to accept the risk that there may be no VPS services provided at all. Someone who has read this TOS, and despite having no guarantees whatsoever, considers the terms acceptable given the incredibly low price. Few such people exists, but only these kinds of people should really be considering this service.

Fair Usage / Acceptable Performance

Host Hong Kong has implemented performance caps on the VPS to minimize the damage that may be caused by any one abusive user. VPS disk I/O and network port speeds are limited. The limits may be adjusted from time to time and they may be revised without notification or warning.

Please do not ask what the limits are, or what they may be in the future. The limitations are set to improve overall stability. We reserve the right to implement caps to very low levels; where disk I/O may be limited to 1MB/s, and network limited to 50KBit/s. By signing up for our NAT VPS, you must agree to accept such levels of performance.

If you require a minimum level of performance, please do not purchase this VPS. Under no circumstances will you be offered a refund.

Disputes and Chargebacks

Host Hong Kong strictly forbids the customer from opening a dispute or filing a chargeback claim. As the NAT-VPS is strictly non-refundable, we will challenge any and all claims made.

Should a dispute be made, the VPS will be suspended.

A dispute handling charge is levied in the amount of HK$500. VPS may only be reactivated after the dispute handling charge has been made. Failure to make payment will result in termination of the NAT-VPS and a ban from any of our hosting services.

Other Information

There may be as many as 128VPS running on a single server. This is more than 4x the normal number of VPS deployed on a single machine. This WILL put additional load on the server's disk and CPU. It should be expected that disk I/O will not be fast. Host Hong Kong would like to request that users refrain from performing unnecessary performance tests as this consumes precious resources. Under normal conditions, the VPS performance should be more than adequate.

The VPS are extremely low spec, with less RAM than recommended by the majority of available OS options. Most operating systems recommend a minimum of 1GB RAM. The NAT-VPS plan includes only 256MB RAM, and this will impact the performance of resource intensive applications. It is not recommended to use the VPS for anything resource intensive.

The most common use for the NAT-VPS is to use as a VPN / Tunnel. This is an ideal application for the NAT-VPS, but one must be weary of the limitations of a tiny VPS on a shared network. Web browsing and accessing E-Mail are generally fine, but live media streaming may be somewhat ambitious. Do not expect to be able to use the service for online streaming services such as Netflix or Youtube. For accessing websites like Facebook and Google, this should be fine.

As we are aware that many users are located in China, we understand that there is always the possibility of being blocked by the GFW. Should the IP be blocked, we will do our best to replace the IP in a timely manner. However this should be expected to be completed within days (not minutes).

Limitations and Expectations

Host Hong Kong's NAT KVM VPS plans have some limitations imposed. Hard limitations include disk I/O (20MB/s), OS Reinstallation (2 times per month), Network Bandwidth (50Mbit/s) and other restrictions designed to curtail the possibility for any one VPS to adversely affect an entire node.

The limitations should not be confused with a minimal level of service. As they are hard limits, it is actually the maximum level of perfromance that can be achieved. It is likely that the server will perform below these limits as the 'fair' usage of resources by all the VMs on the node would mean something like 1MB/s of disk I/O and 400Kbit/s of network bandwidth.

We will not raise these limits for any reason. If you need to reinstall your OS more than twice in a single month, you will need to wait until next month to reinstall again. Requests for this limit to be waived or increased will be rejected.