Powerful VPS Servers - Instantly provision and highly affordable!

Host Hong Kong offers Instantly Provisioned VPS using KVM virtualization technology.

All VPS plans include full root/administrator access. Receive the same functionality and flexibility of a dedicated server at a fraction of the price. Our Instant KVM VPS run on powerful hardware, are highly flexible, cost effective, fast and easy to use.

All our KVM VPS plans include an easy to use web interface to create and manage VMs. Through our control panel, access is provided to power on/off/reboot, reinstall the OS, view traffic and resource usage graphs and also VNC for direct console control over your VPS.

KVM Virtual Servers

Our KVM VPS use enterprise hardware, offer backups and a have a comprehensive SLA. Our KVM VPS include access to our Premium route bandwidth, offering low latency to China and the rest of Asia.

vCPU Cores vCPU Cores Disk Space RAM Data Transfer Monthly Price
KVM-1G 1 40GB 1GB 500GB ** HK$150.00 Sign Up
KVM-2G 2 80GB 2GB 1,000GB ** HK$300.00 Sign Up
KVM-3G 2 120GB 3GB 1,500GB ** HK$450.00 Sign Up
KVM-4G 4 160GB 4GB 2,000GB ** HK$600.00 Sign Up
KVM-6G 4 240GB 6GB 3,000GB ** HK$900.00 Sign Up
KVM-8G 8 320GB 8GB 4,000GB ** HK$1,200.00 Sign Up
KVM-16G 8 640GB 16GB 5,000GB ** HK$1,500.00 Sign Up

All our Instant VPS plans include 1 IP address and are self-managed. As servers are self-managed, all users are expected to maintain their own serves, which include, but not limited to: setting up firewall policies and installing / updating server software.

At present our Instant VPS can have only 1 IP address. If additional IPs are required, please consider our Cloud Servers.

Our KVM VPS have access to our Premium route bandwidth which include direct China routes. However, the bandwidth provided should not be considered dedicated China traffic, and Host Hong Kong make no guarantee with regards to data transfer rates to China.

A control panel, such as CPanel or DirectAdmin, is not included. Licenses may be purchased and installed separately.

Management services can be purchased if required. Management services are typically charged hourly. Contact us for details.

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