Dedicated Servers Special Offers from Hong Kong

Our dedicated server special offers provide you with an inexpensive dedicated solution for your business and personal needs.

There are no setup fees for our special offer servers when purchased with the advertised hardware. All servers may be customized to suit your requirements. Customizing a special offer dedicated server will incurr a one-off set up fee in addition the the monthly fee adjustment.

Special Offer Servers

Server Name Processor Hard Drive RAM Bandwidth Monthly Price
MS31i3-32401TB16GBUnmetered Shared **US$49.03ENQUIRE
SVR54Xeon E3-1220v21TB16GBUnmetered Shared **US$109.68ENQUIRE
ES07Dual Xeon L55201TB32GBUnmetered Shared **US$122.58ENQUIRE
MC04-01Xeon E5-2650250GB SSD20GBUnmetered Shared **US$122.58ENQUIRE
MC04-02Xeon E5-26504TB32GBUnmetered Shared **US$148.39ENQUIRE
SVR36Dual Xeon L55203TB32GBUnmetered Shared **US$154.84ENQUIRE
MS56Xeon E3-1245v32TB32GBUnmetered Shared **US$154.84ENQUIRE
MS51Xeon E3-1240v3960GB SSD32GBUnmetered Shared **US$174.19ENQUIRE
C039Dual Xeon L55204x 250GB SSD64GBUnmetered Shared **US$193.55ENQUIRE
SVR41Xeon E3-1270v32x500GB16GBUnmetered Shared **US$193.55ENQUIRE
MC01-01Xeon E3-1230v5250GB SSD16GB ECC DDR4Unmetered Shared **US$193.55ENQUIRE
MC01-04Xeon E3-1220v62x500GB HDD16GB ECC DDR4Unmetered Shared **US$193.55ENQUIRE
MC04-05Xeon E5-26502x4TB32GBUnmetered Shared **US$193.55ENQUIRE
MS48Xeon E3-1220v6480GB SSD16GB DDR4 ECCUnmetered Shared **US$193.55ENQUIRE
MS40Xeon E3-1270v31TB32GBUnmetered Shared **US$206.45ENQUIRE
MS04Xeon E3-1230v61TB SSD32GB DDR4 ECCUnmetered Shared **US$219.35ENQUIRE
MS02Xeon E3-1230v62TB SSD16GB DDR4Unmetered Shared **US$219.35ENQUIRE
MC01-05Xeon E3-1230v54TB64GB ECC DDR4Unmetered Shared **US$245.16ENQUIRE
MC03-06Xeon E3-1240v52x3TB64GB ECC DDR4Unmetered Shared **US$245.16ENQUIRE
MS61Xeon E5-2620v4500GB SSD32GB ECC DDR4Unmetered Shared **US$283.87ENQUIRE
MS05Xeon E5-2620v4480GB SSD32GB DDR4 ECCUnmetered Shared **US$283.87ENQUIRE
SVR70Dual Xeon E5-2660v22x100GB SSD128GBUnmetered Shared **US$309.68ENQUIRE

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DirectAdmin is included with all dedicated servers but is not installed by default. If you would like DirectAdmin to be installed on your server, please specify in the order 'notes' or submit a ticket requesting for setup. Setup is free and takes no more than 1 working day.

All special offer servers include 1IP address as standard and are unmanaged. Direct Admin control panel is available free of charge on request.

Optional Addons and Upgrades

Upgrade/Addon Fee
Hardware Customization Setup Fee US$ 64.52 One-Time
OS Reinstall US$ 32.26 One-Time
Direct Admin License Free
WHM/CPanel License US$ 51.61 /mo
Windows Server 2008/2012 STD License US$ 19.35 /mo
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise License US$ 32.26 /mo
Additional 8GB RAM US$ 19.35 /mo
Remote Hands (working hours) US$ 32.26 /hr + US$ 32.26
Remote Hands (non-working hours) US$ 64.52 /hr + US$ 64.52
1 additional IP address US$ 12.90 /mo
2 additional IP addresses US$ 22.58 /mo
4 additional IP addresses US$ 30.97 /mo
1Mbit Dedicated International Bandwidth US$ 129.03 /mo
10Mbit Dedicated International Bandwidth US$ 1,032.26 /mo
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